CNIT 131, Introduction to Internet and HTML


Book: New Perspectives on the Internet
9th Edition
978 1 111 52911 6


Tutorial 1 Browser Basics

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Navigating Web Pages

Using the Favorites Center

Managing Cookies

Printing a Web Page

Mozilla Firefox

The internet and the Web

Starting Mozilla Firefox

Navigating Web Pages

Using the Library

Managing Cookies

Printing a Web Page

Tutorial 2 Basic Communication on the Internet Email

What is Email and How Does it Work?

Common Features of an Email Message

Common Features of Email Programs

Protecting your Computer from Viruses

Dealing with Unsolicited Messages

Webmail Providers

Creating a Windows Live ID

Accessing your Windows Live Account

Sending a Message Using Windows Live

Receiving and Opening a Message

Viewing and Saving an Attached File

Replying and Forwarding Messages

Filing and Printing an Email Message

Deleting a Message and a Folder

Maintaining Your Contact List

Using OneDrive to Share Files

Signing Out of Your Windows Live Account

Tutorial 3 Searching the Web

Using Search Engines and Directories

How a Search Engine Works

Types of Search Questions

Formulating Effective Web Search Strategies

Web Search Tools

Evaluating Web Sites

Using Logical Operators and Filtering Techniques

Performing Complex Searches

Exploring the Deep Web

Evaluating Web Research Resources

Tutorial 4 Information Resources on the Web

Finding Current and Specific Information on the Web

Finding Up-to-Date Weather Information

Obtaining Map and Destination Information

Finding People and Businesses

Finding Products and Services Online

Understanding Copyright

Citing Web Resources

Accessing Text-Based Resources Online

Multimedia on the Web

Tutorial 5 User-Generated Content on the Internet


Push and Pull Communication

Email-Based Communication

Getting Information from RSS Feeds



Internet Chat Communication

Online Social Networks

Online Business Networks

Sharing Pictures on the Web

Sharing Videos on the Web

Blogs, Micro blogs
protecting your privacy

Tutorial 6 Internet Security

Using Encryption to Project against Security Threats


Preventing Denial-of-Service Attacks

Recognizing and Preventing Identify Theft

Security Concerns for Social Network Users

Web Client Security

Detecting and Removing Malware

Blocking Tracking Devices in Electronic Communications

Blocking Communications Using a Firewall

Communication Channel Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)

Tutorial 7 Wireless Networking

The Evolution of Wireless Networks

Wireless Local Area Networking

Personal Area Networking

Wireless Wide Area Networking

Metropolitan Area Networking

Using Wireless Devices to Access the Internet

Security Concerns for Using Wireless Networks

Methods for Securing Wireless Networks

Understanding Security Threats to Wireless Devices

Methods for Securing Wireless Devices

Tutorial 8 Basic HTML

Understanding Markup Languages

Understating Tags and Attributes

Planning an HTML Document

Creating an HTML Document

Using Images in an HTML Document

Using Anchors

Using a Link to a Web Page

Creating a Web Site

Evaluating Web Site Content

Choosing Other Development Tools

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Publishing a Web Site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Tutorial 9 Electronic Commerce

E-Commerce Categories

Buying and Selling Over the Web

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet

Paying for E-Commerce Purchases

Consumer Concerns

International E-Commerce Issues